Home visits

Ideal if you are unable to attend a regular clinic due to illness, lack of transport or you simply struggle getting out of the house.

Fully Qualified Podiatrists

All staff are medical clinicians and qualified Podiatrists. Registered with the Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC) and members of the College of Podiatry (MCoP).

Local and family run

Foot care treatments in Manchester, Cheshire and all surrounding areas from our visiting podiatry clinic.



Nail, Skin and Foot Pain Care

  • Toe nail thinning, cutting and shaping
  • Corns and callus removal 
  • Fungal foot and nail infections
  • Dry, split heels
  • Ingrown toe nail treatment and surgery
  • Verrucae treatment and advice
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Wound care and dressings
  • Foot and ankle pain assessment
  • Steroid Injection Therapy 



  • Establishment of general foot health and condition at initial contact
  • Diabetic foot assessment and care including vascular and sensory assessment  
  • Biomechanical assessment: Prescription orthoses to correct foot and walking problems, prevent injury and relieve pain and discomfort
  • Following assessment we can provide a range of prescription only medications for foot related problems including antibiotic and fungal infection treatments


Advice and education

  • Advice for self treatment with a range of medications provided by your Podiatrist 
  • Footwear and care recommendations
  • Professional advice for the prevention of foot problems and ongoing care
  • Onward referrals to other healthcare professionals and partner organisations for complicated conditions. Where needed, we will refer you before it gets worse.