Our Service Standards

Terms of Service

Please read these terms prior to booking with us

Our service provides medical foot treatments in patients' own homes. At present, we are able to provide home visits in Manchester, Greater Manchester and parts of Cheshire and South Lancashire. Visits to areas that are significantly outside our coverage area may incur an additional mileage charge. We will inform you fully prior to booking your appointment so you may make a decision to book.

The standard call out fee for a home visit is fully inclusive of treatment for routine skin and nail problems. All routine treatment is normally completed in a single visit for the standard fee. Where no treatment is appropriate and advice only is given, the fee is £30.


Depending on any additional treatment required or requested we will always provide you with options and inform you of the cost so you can agree before or during the visit. 

Should further appointments, a referral to your GP or other medical professional is required, any additional costs will be discussed and agreed beforehand and during your appointment. 

Fees are payable by cash or card (1.71% fee) on completion of treatment. If you wish to pay prior to your appointment please request our BACS or PayPal details.

As we are a practice mainly visiting patients in their own homes, the following helps us to provide an efficient service:   

Please be available for treatment half an hour before and after the agreed appointment time.  While we always aim to attend at the specific time agreed, sometimes events beyond our control (such as traffic congestion and patient requirements) mean this is not always possible. 

Please provide details of any access or car parking problems and costs at the time the appointment is agreed. Car parking costs, such as ‘pay and display’ may be added to the cost of treatment. 

We would be grateful if you could give at least 24 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel your appointment. 

Missed appointments, where the clinician is unable to gain access to a property or appointments not cancelled within 24 hours of the start time are charged at the standard call out fee. The fee must be paid by BACS or PayPal prior to re-booking.

We will always contact you to update you of any potential late or early arrivals and give you the option to re-book your appointment. 

Protecting Our Staff and Patients

Appointments for patients with severe dementia and/or lacking the capacity to consent or communicate must be attended by a third party with responsibility for the individual. Any history of challenging behaviour from the patient must be declared prior to booking the appointment. 

In order to be treated safely, patients where possible, should be in a chair where they feel most comfortable and where there is enough light and space for a Podiatrist to treat them. Pets and children must be somewhere safe owing to the use of sharp instruments such as scalpels and chemicals. 

If the Podiatrist feels the space is inappropriate or unsafe, you may be asked to change setting or room. In the interests of your safety the Podiatrist reserves the right to refuse treatment on these grounds. In such cases, the standard call out fee remains payable.

We take a zero tolerance approach to aggressive, threatening or rude behaviour to our Podiatrists. Our Podiatrists will treat every patient with the utmost care and respect at all times. As such, we expect our Podiatrists to be treated likewise. 

In the event of such behaviour we reserve the right to terminate the appointment, video record the incident and, if appropriate, report the individual to the Police. In such circumstances the fee for the appointment remains payable.

By booking an appointment with Aegis Podiatry you agree to these terms.

Complaints and Compliments

We always welcome any feedback you can give us about our service or any improvements we can make for you or other patients.  

We currently use Trustpilot for patients to  review any treatment carried out by us. 

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service please contact us via email at appointments@aegispodiatry.co.uk.  

We will investigate your complaint and our aim is to respond within 6 weeks. 

On the rare occasion we are unable to resolve your complaint, you can take it to the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Likewise, we will always be happy to hear about anything you think we did well!  

Privacy Policy

GDPR & Data Protection

Personal information, including medical information, is collected and processed by Aegis Podiatry solely for the purpose of providing you with podiatric medical treatments. This may include, but is not limited to medical history, details of prescriptions, signs, symptoms and complaints and personal contact details. 

Under no circumstances will we share your personal information with ANY third party without your consent and then only when required for onward referrals to other medical professionals such as your GP. 

We may use your information to contact you with appointment reminders and to provide you with information relevant to registration with the practice such as changes in fees. 

Professional Organisation: The College of Podiatry, Quartz House, 207 Providence Square, Mill Street, London, SE1 2EW.